Native level German & French Language Tutor

  Languages Taught :  English,French,German

 Languages Known :  German, French, English, Tamil


Education/Qualification: C1 German, C2, French, M.A in English

Highest level of certification: C2 French

Years of experience: 20

No. of hours taught: 1000

About me and my teaching experience:

A person who has dedicated his life to language learning and its effective usage. Built his career using languages as the base skill. Has used languages in various domains and thus possesses the vocabulary needed for various industries. Possesses a teacher’s training certificate from a leading language school. Has top certifications for 2 foreign languages viz. German and French and a Masters in English from a top college in Chennai. Trained by top teachers of spoken English in accent neutralization and Received Pronunciation, and has put these skills to effective use on the Radio. Has a knowledge, of challenges in language usage, in the corporate world (customer support, sales and project management), such as bad, unintelligible accent, unsuitable vocabulary, and lack of cultural awareness.
Whether you are looking at further studies and settling down in Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, and French Africa, or are looking at being effective on Projects catering to these countries, I have you covered.


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