Languages Taught :  English,Hindi

 Languages Known :  English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali


Education/Qualification: B. A. English

Highest level of certification: Graduate

Years of experience: 1

No. of hours taught: 800

About me and my teaching experience:

My colleagues and my mentor have taught me more than what my Bachelor's degree or Grammar resources did. But I've learnt the most from my students. Every student has something new to offer. It could either be their level of competence of the way they comprehend English while trying to erase the boundaries between it and their mother tongue. I'd have thought that i had mastered a way to teach a particular topic, and they'd prove me wrong. Their necessity would urge me to find new ways to teach them, thus evolving me further. I end up offering something new to the next student and to myself as well.


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7pm - 8pm

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